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Thursday Mar 05, 2020

Ian and Rick talk about Kirby! And City Connection, Donkey Kong 94, Lolo, and King of Fighters 95. But mostly Kirby! 

Tuesday Dec 10, 2019

A wild ride through Gameboyland featuring Johnny Ketchum and Ian Ferguson. 

Sunday Sep 22, 2019

Our two hosts talk about Powerquest, chime in on a The Boys concert, chat about Batman: The Video Game, listen to Rosy Squiggle talk about Batman: The Video Game, and talk about food.
Check out "the actual" Boys.https://boysohio.bandcamp.com/

Wednesday Jul 03, 2019

Erik and I talk about Solar Striker and answer some questions about Solar Striker. 
Check out Erik! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR2LNeZSqINp0WTd_eWCIGg

Saturday Jun 08, 2019

Ian picked the game so he is forced to be on the Audio Thing! We talk about BurgerTime and it's former hero, Charred Delicious. 
Toby from the Secret Levels Podcast drops in and shares his thoughts.https://twitter.com/secretlevelspod
Brought to you by Morning Star Corn Dogs. 

Tuesday Apr 23, 2019

Nolen Speaks! A lengthy conversation with Nolen (Yokoi Kids Collective member) about his love for the Gameboy and the very hated Speedy Gonzales game. 

Wednesday Apr 03, 2019

Some talking about Balloon Kid. No field segment so I just had Sarah play it outside. Great idea huh! 

Saturday Mar 16, 2019

Ian and Rick (OG Yokoi Dads) talk about the all the games I skipped recording episodes about. Those being Gremlins 2, TMNT Fall of the Foot Clan, Qix and Wario Land 2. We also talk about a bunch of other stuff. Savor it! This will be the last episode like this. Featuring music by Josh Adams. 
You get to hear us get months mixed up a lot. 

Thursday Nov 29, 2018

Karnov* hosts this episode! Chris Tuttle reads a letter he wrote to his younger self. And Lord Reptile and I play the versus mode on The Hunt For Red October. 
*A very bad impression of what Karnov probably sounds like. 

Wednesday Oct 03, 2018

Josh Adams receives a strange letter about the game he picked... 
Josh Adamshttps://twitter.com/KyoNagato
Chris Tuttlehttps://twitter.com/chriswtuttle 
Episode Archivehttp://soundcloud.com/yokoikids 
Let us know your thoughts on Hunt For the Red October.

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